Clean Ruby 1.0 is released!

I'm excited to be able to call Clean Ruby "final".

The compliments to that work have been great. Here's just a few comments I've received for Clean Ruby:

"The current version of Clean Ruby is a great start on a critical topic. Learning how to keep code clear and understandable is useful for any kind of project. I've already applied a couple of ideas from the book to keep a project from mumbling in the shadows."
—David Richards

"I have not come across such a revelatory approach to things since first learning OOP."
—Mike Pence

"Clean Ruby from Jim Gay will change the way you design your Rails apps"
—Hector Sansores

As time goes on, I'll be updating the book with changes to Ruby and new ideas, but it's at a point where you can get some great techniques. Self-publishing this book has been wonderful for handling updates; I'm able to make changes and get them in the hands of my customers as soon as I can. I'm not limited by a publishing house setting my schedule.

My free newsletter has helped me engage with developers from all over the world. I'll be continuing writing there and releasing more useful tools like Casting and Surrounded. I'm eager to try screencasts and more books.

Grab a copy of Clean Ruby and help me celebrate by using the code TAKE10 for $10 off!