How to get what you want

An email from the great Campaign Montior landed in my inbox today and contained a link to a helpful article about getting information on why users have unsubscribed from your email campaign.

This is such a simple concept but it seems that so many seem to be unaware of it. I've recommended this same technique to others in regard to just about anything: if you want something, ask for it.

Many not-for-profit organizations understand this, others seem to miss it. Certainly the way that you ask will have an affect on the answers, but not asking is a great way to not get what you want.

  • Before you leave an interview ask for the job.
  • Ask someone specifically to volunteer for your event.
  • Get a great developer on your open-source project by asking.
  • Need funding for an expansion to your school/university/community center/whatever? Ask for it.

People respond to questions, and asking them with a certain approach will help you get your answer. Take a listen to some great advice for managers on how to delegate tasks (it involves asking for help).

Asking for what you need directly affects your future. By not asking, it means you're just waiting for your future to happen to you.