Radiant 0.9 Official Release

Finally, after a long, long wait: 0.9 is out.

It's my first non prerelease gem to push out for Radiant but I'm proud of all the work that I and many, many others did to make it happen. John Long put the UI updates together with the help of a good group. Keith Bingman managed all that went into internationalization and the many contributors that made it happen. William Ross added features such as pagination in the standard Radius tags, and pagination in the admin screens. Josh French gave us the ability to load extensions from gems. John Muhl, our newest core team member increased the general quality in testing for bugs and improving the overall quality of the application.

There are many contributors, I'm just listing some from the top of my head. Thank you to everyone of the contributors, be you bug reporters, committers, or just users who discuss your needs on the mailing list.

While this release is an exciting improvement, I'm even more excited about the future of the project. More to come...