Rails Metal in RadiantCMS

Radiant edge now supports loading Rails Metal from extensions!

I'm really excited to announce that. I had been working on it before the release of 0.8.0, but hadn't had the time to hammer it out before the release. Admittedly, I push some sloppy commits into the main repo, and I should have rebased them and cleaned them up. This was the first opportunity I'd had to look around at the way Rack middlewares are loaded in Rails, so a lot of my effort was just poking around. Gregg Pollack's screencast on Rack & Metal had some helpful tips in it. Check it out if you want to try out the new features in Radiant.

This will make things like checking a login status (like we're doing with Practice Greenheath and the Header Authorize extension) much faster.

More importantly, Vapor(the extension to allow users to write their own redirect rules which also caches all the rules so its nice and speedy) will be moving to metal. I've created a separate branch for this, but I'm considering backward compatibility so that if you've got an older version of Radiant, it'll still operate the same old way (by catching the requests in the SiteController). I'll need to re-evaluate the code before it goes into the master branch, but it works!