Textpattern on Github

I'm a former user of Textpattern and I'm glad to see it more easily accessible on github. I hope it'll be easier for other users out there to contribute to the project.

My path to abandonment began when I built a real estate management interface on top of Textpattern. It was an interesting experience to say the least. The system is built to provide clear methods like graf() which I'm sure you would guess is a way to display an HTML paragraph element...

And of course, for your developing delight there are other methods like sLink(), eLink(), wLink(), dLink(), and aLink(). I'll leave it to you to guess what features they implement. My favorite is listed in there too.

I am glad, however, that in the very unfortunate event where I might need to use Textpattern again it'll be much more accessible to track other forks and branches. Cheers to the Textpattern community, from a thankful but recovering user.